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Photo and video produced for the release of a new lightweight insulated jacket from Cactus Outdoors.



April 2024


Talent: Forbes, Piper & Ryo

The Norbu jacket is named after a Sherpa known to members of the team at Cactus Outdoors. In Nepal, the Sherpa take on a myriad of tasks - guiding, carrying, cooking and cajoling Westerners on their journeys. Like the Sherpa it is named after, the jacket is a simple, solid, subtle and utterly reliable product. Cactus have always been about making good sh*t that lasts a long time and the Norbu is no different.

We worked with Cactus to produce a series of images shot on location around Canterbury featuring some old friends of the brand. Alongside the still images we put together a short video to capture the essence of the Norbu, perfect for all day, work and play. Your's for life.