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Two short films and still imagery commissioned for the first release of honey from the Makino Station.



February 2022


Featuring: Peter Hobbs & Gidon Bing
Music: Peter Hobbs
Produced by: Jo Kelly
Produced by: Danielle Barclay
Agency: Blur the Lines

Two short films and a series of still images commissioned by Comvita. 'The Artist’s Story' documents the process behind the making of a limited edition sculpture by our friend Gidon Bing. The multi-sensory sculpture was created to commemorate the first Manuka Honey harvest from the regenerated forest at the Makino Station.

Composer Peter Hobbs was also involved in the release, composing new environmental soundscapes for the digital experience which accompanied the sculpture. Peter collected field recordings from the Makino land, which were sampled in his compositions.

Produced in collaboration with Studio Blur the Lines. The wider Makino projects were awarded a Silver pin at the 2022 Best Awards.